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Good lord! Here I am; on the other side of the other side of midnight and I accidentally fall into QuickWeb ~ and make an unexpected discovery in that the apparently broken touch pad works on this program. There is one or two slight hitches and now and then I am forced to correct as the curser jumps into another line in the middle of what I am writing but it is still way better than what it was like having to use the old 'mouse' to get anything done! Ths is just awesome and I could not be more delighted!Now that I have this open, and the internet link is all set, I am going to try and post this off while still on this program; a little bit of a challenge but I'm fairly confident I can make it happen. What a buzz! It was a pretty average kind of day I got a few things handled but by and large I took things easy. I didn't want to overdo it as a severe lesson learned is one that is already too late! So I slowed down and just took it easy. What ever else; on the weekend, you... (more)

No dokładnie, jak biskup, napiszemy na kopercie „do biskupa” i chyba każdy listonosz wie, gdzie go szukać. �" Spotykamy się dzisiaj u mnie o szóstej, jeszcze powiem paru innym, niech też przyjdą. Nie damy się sekcie! �" Nie, damy się, nie, niech sobie nie myślą! �" Napiszemy list! �" Napiszemy! Kobiety rozeszły się, a ja mogłam wreszcie wyjść z ubikacji. Do końca tego dnia, czułam na sobie wzrok sprzątaczki, która o dziwo miała wyjątkowo dużo do zrobienia, tak, że została aż do ostatniej lekcji, wciąż mnie obserwując. Podsłuchaną rozmowę potraktowałam z przymrużeniem oka, tak jak na nią zasługiwała, toteż to też wielkie było moje zdziwienie strona dobrego kolegi szamba betonowe

CalPac Virtual Charter Schools &
the Academy of Arts and Sciences Join Forces

The California Pacific Charter School's tuition-free service now reaches out to more than 34 counties across California. The online charter school offers personalized education through an interactive platform to all students. The merger now allows CalPac to reach more students and provide them with a flexible and accredited middle/high school program. "The Academy of Arts & Sciences is excited about our merger with CalPac Charter Schools because it was designed specifically to bring quality virtual education to students across the state that had previously not had this opportunity. In particular we look forward to providing a rich college focused experience to all CalPac students," says Sean Mcmanus, CEO of the Academy of Arts & Sciences. New counties that are now included in the program include Lake County, Madera County, Marin County, Mendocino County, Merced County, Mono County, Napa County, San Benito County, Solano County, Sonoma County... (more)

roy nelson
For Security Level raised Read Bull#2.
What a complete load of bollocks my #Primeminister talks. My #HomeSecretary and #Media repeat his shit. When my government talk of increased threats - I say it is to come from them. Any incident involving #ISIS #IS blah blah will be a #FalseFlag Our western governments are the terrorists.

Truth in Love
Has Obama Sold Out...?
HAS OBAMA SOLD OUT "HIS" PEOPLE? Author: Coach Dave Daubenmire Source: - 07.17.2014 Be sure to forward this commentary to everybody you know who voted for Obama. Especially if they are black. Especially if they are burdened by white guilt. Especially if they think that Obama cares about “regular” people. Especially if they think he gives a rip about poor black kids. Especially if they think he wants to bring healing and equality to the races. Especially if they are Christians. Especially if they think he is one of them. That should cover most of the idiots. But you probably won't forward it...afraid of being called a racist and all. But we need to ask ourselves a very poignant question. The answer will make a lot of things easier to discern. Who does OBAMA consider “his” people? I wrote about this a few years ago. Let me take a moment and refresh your memory of some of the facts. ... (more)

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